How to Hijack a VoLTE Network?
As mobile networks continue to evolve, VoLTE (Voice over LTE) remains a prominent technology for voice communications on LTE and 5G networks. VoLTE service relies on the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) core, and it has been considered a highly secure network due to its perceived isolation from public networks.

Discover the alarming reality through our latest VoLTE research: Intruders now possess the capability not just to launch attacks on VoLTE subscribers but to potentially seize control of the entire network. With this level of access intruders depending on their motives, have the power to harvest sensitive subscriber information, orchestrate fraudulent schemes, or even instigate widespread service outages. The implications are profound, emphasizing the urgent need for heightened security measures in the VoLTE landscape.
What's even more concerning is that unlike attacks on signalling protocols like SS7, Diameter, and GTP, a VoLTE hack doesn't require expensive connections to IPX/GRX providers. In addition to a computer with open-source software, the intruder only needs an LTE dongle, which costs no more than $50.

Key Topics:
  • Overview of Our Latest VoLTE Research

  • VoLTE Security Threats and Vulnerabilities

  • The VoLTE Kill-Chain

  • Securing VoLTE network against these threats

Join us to learn: How to secure your VoLTE network from these threats. We will also explore best practices and solutions to mitigate vulnerabilities, ensuring the security of connections and subscriber data against VoLTE hacks.
Do not miss this unique opportunity to gain invaluable insights into securing your VoLTE network and protecting it from potential security breaches. Be part of the conversation that will shape the future of mobile communication security.

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Pavel Novikov
Head of Telco Security Research, SecurityGen

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