SMS Fraud Risk Assessment

The main focus for SMS Fraud Assessments is to detect and report incidents of SMS frauds that attempt to bypass Operator Charging platforms. These reflect all details and threats highlighted in GSMA IR.70, IR.71, FF.09, and AA.50.

  • A2P SMS Charging Bypass
  • Inconsistent SMS Sources
  • SMS-C Spoofing via internal or external ranges
  • SMS Formatting modifications
  • SMS Incoming/Outgoing Interception
  • SMS Home Routing Bypass
  • SMS Dos/DDoS
  • Premium SMS fraud

SMPP Security & Fraud Risk Assessment

The SMPP security and fraud risk assessment is aimed at identifying vulnerabilities of client SMPP connections. If an unreliable client exploits the vulnerabilities of the SMPP connection, they will be able to:

  • Send SMS messages bypassing operator's charging systems
  • Terminate A2P SMS without an appropriate agreement
  • Send flash and binary SMS (simjacker)
  • Commit premium rate SMS fraud
  • Disturb services of another client (competitors)

Voice Call Fraud Risk Assessment

Caller ID spoofing

  • Check incoming calls with Caller ID of home subscribers
  • Manipulation with Caller ID parameters
  • Wangiri

Premium rate voice calls

  • Voice call redirection to premium-rate numbers at the expense of either subscriber or operator